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Marie Cochran,
CEO & Head Coach at Relentless Winning Mindset

As an Elite Speaker, Leadership Trainer and Coach Marie Cochran attributes her success and competence in what she is able to do for your company to two things. Firstly, she maximizes the power of mentorship and coaching in her own life and secondly, she passionately lives by the principles and strategies she teaches!

Marie Cochran is trained and mentored by:

  • John Maxwell, a world renowned leadership expert and New York Times best-selling author.
  • Melissa West, the CEO of XRCoaching who has mentored over 9,500 professionals.
  • Christian Simpson, the UK’s leading Coach and Mentor to business owners.
  • Paul Martinelli, internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer and coach.
  • Danelle Delgado, CEO Life Intended, Transformational Speaker, Elite Mentor, Executive Consultant

If you compound the effect of the experience, network and undeniable success of the giants listed above that equals the qualified, certified, justified, professional you need on your team.

Now, let’s GROW!

When Marie is not coaching executives and their teams, she takes her relentless winning mindset home in Jacksonville, Florida to her 3 amazing children and husband Johnathan, her partner and best friend who make a powerful team living their dreams as family oriented entrepreneurs together! She enjoys serving in her church and inspiring others with her relentless winning mindset.

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